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A UK publication calling itself “The voice of atheism since 1881” publishes fascinating articles detailing the madness of theists as well as pro-atheism essays. The May 2012 issue in particular has pieces that should intrigue our readers such as a Roman Catholic Bishop in the UK linking support of gay marriage to totalitarianism and an article about the health dangers of an orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual.

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SMOKIN’ HOT ANNIVERSARY ANNOUNCEMENT FROM OLD NICK MAGAZINE Old Nick premiered six years ago on 6/6/06 at the COS 40th anniversary celebration. Since then readers have asked, and now Old Nick has answered! For the FIRST TIME EVER – UNCENSORED X-RATED DIGITAL EDITIONS of Old Nick are now available! NOW WITH FULL ACTION VIDEO CLIPS & FULLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS! Just click here to see all of your favorite Temptresses and Old Nick Chicks in the photos we couldn’t show you in the restricted print edition. Special anniversary introductory offers now online. Hurry while the offer lasts. Adults only!

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IDLE HANDS: THE ART OF COOP Now In Stock! Coop’s first book in 10 years is now available. Books ordered from will be signed by the artist.

Ray Bradbury, A Life Well-Lived

One of the great writers has passed, leaving behind a rich legacy of work that will surely continue to inspire generations to come of intelligent readers. A father to the Science Fiction genre, Bradbury’s tales are always anthropocentric, examining how humans might react, intellectually and emotionally, in situations wrought by changing technology and what it could offer as new means for experience, whether it might entail meetings with other species, visiting other worlds, or simply how our own world might be transmuted for good or ill. His thoughts are always poetic, finding beauty in much that the masses might consider […]

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Kevin I. Slaughter has released a new short documentary film. As a guest at The Black House, the home of the High Priest and Priestess of the Church of Satan, he filmed an interview with Peter H. Gilmore. There was a party later that evening and he requested to speak to any attendees that would answer a rather simple, but open-ended, question: "What does Satanism mean to you?“ This video distills the answers, covering many different facets of why someone would identify with such a taboo philosophy. All of the interviewees self-identify as Satanists, but many had never spoken about it […]

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We are in the final 9 days of the KICKSTARTER project for the release of Magus Gilmore’s THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES in a Spanish translation. There are some unique perks available to supporters of this project and they include now out-of-print versions of the English language first edition: the deluxe slip-cased version and hard cover copies as well. These have become collector’s items and are well worth the effort to grab before they vanish into the libraries of aficionados of the diabolical. Click on the image or here to visit the KICKSTARTER page and scroll down the listed pledge amounts on […]

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Edda Publishing proudly presents: Edward Bulwer Lytton: Vril: The Power of the Coming Race Illustrations by Christine Ödlund. Introduction by Carl Abrahamsson. Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton’s cautionary tale of occult super-powers and advanced subterranean cultures has fascinated readers since 1871. Part early science-fiction, part educational tract, part occult romance, VRIL keeps spellbinding readers thanks to its wide range of themes and emotions, as well as its thrilling sense of adventure. A curious man descends into a mountain through a mine and experiences far more than he bargained for. Deep inside the mountain lies a completely different world. Its inhabitants, the Vril-ya, are human-like but physically […]

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FanzinEra – Photographs 1985-1988 by Carl Abrahamsson. Introduction by Richard Kern. Trapart Books 2012. Carl Abrahamsson started taking photos to go along with the interviews he made for the fanzines “Lollipop” and “Acts Of Interstellar Torture” (1985-1988). From this vast snap-happy collection comes “FanzinEra”, a selection which includes portraits and live shots of underground superstars like: Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch, Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Joe Coleman, Union Carbide Productions, The Leather Nun, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Gun Club, The Cramps, Alex Chilton, The Church, The Go-Betweens, Long Ryders, Died Pretty, The Scientists, The Saints, Sort Sol, Sator, John Lydon, Legendary Stardust […]