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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Satanic Perspective on Parenting:Episode LIX – September 27th, 2017 – Explaining Activism & Racial Tensions Antifa, the Alt-Right & Social Justice with Witch Troj & Citizen Dave L! Available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook!! The following resources as mentioned in this episode are provided here for your consideration: Podcast – The Divided States of Antifa – The Accusation Party w/ Magister Paradise Article – SPLC – Alternative Right Literature – What Works, Gender Equality By Design Literature – Nurtureshock: New Thinking About Children YouTube Video – Baltimore: Anatomy of an Uprising – Contrapoints Intro Song – Mr. Rogers – What Do You […]

For Bannon, Satan and Darkness symbolize positive power, as they do for the Church of Satan. Yet Satan also embraces iconoclasm and libertine indulgence not usually in the alt-right platform. We suspect as Lord Vader’s next apprentice Bannon will have much to learn. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore