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A Banquet of Panacea

Satanic Players Society: A Banquet of Panacea

Satanic Players Society presents A Banquet of Panacea Three families, whose lives have been torn apart by a serial killer, are brought together by Malakai Zhang. Their mysterious benefactor, who despite having supported them financially throughout the failed trial, still has one last offer of comfort to give them, if they are brave enough to take it. This story written by Rick Powell is included in the anthology created by Alder Strauss and Hydra M Star, Bon Appetit, Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption and is the first of three special episodes featuring material from this exciting collection.

Prose from the Shadows: Summers Waning

SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: Prose from the Shadows — Summers Waning

As we leave the Summer Solstice behind and begin our journey towards autumn, the Magician brings you a little taste of the darkness to come. This episode features contributions by Clover Martin, Colin Martin, Damhe Clarrah, Delilah Astarte and Draconis Blackthorne. Once again our gratitude goes out to Matt Barnett and Russel Sprake for providing the musical accompaniment.

Satanic Players Society: M.R. Stover's SIREN

Satanic Players Society: M. R. Stover’s SIREN

M. R. Stover’s SIREN In this episode we bring you the concluding part to Stormcaller. This is the final story that was given to us by the late M. R. Stover. Jacoby Ash, a Revenant of hell has been dispatched to take care of the problem in Athens, created by the arrival of the Sirens. This is going to be the fight of his life as he has to take on not one, but seven creatures from the underworld—all of whom are as powerful in their seduction as in their savagery.

The First Taste of Horror— D.A. Marshall

The First Taste of Horror – D.A. Marshall

Join D.A. Marshall as he takes us on a journey along the road of horror. He describes his first encounter with the Satanic Players Society back in its fledgling year and how he’s seen the show progress. His reading for this episode is Region of the Flesh by Richard Matheson, an intriguing and terrifying tale.

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

NEW EPISODE, The Travelling Sideshow of the Macabre – Blood Alley Spring is in the air! That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t give you chills with a little horror and madness. One thing that does warm our hearts is celebrating a long time friend to the show, Yvonne Mason. In this episode she shares with us Blood Alley. Robert (Bubba) Haines a tobacco chewing, beer drinking, womanizing, wheelholder is running way behind schedule with a load to Miami, Florida on Hwy27—a highway that started up north and ended in Miami. Bubba was on a stretch of two lane blacktop […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY:THE NEW YEARS 2017 SIDESHOW Happy new year one and all! In this episode we celebrate the works of one of our resident authors, Rick Powell. Join us as we indulge in his poetry entitled Fruit, Notches, She’s Waiting and Soulmate. Our finale is the story Patient 151, a true tale of horror and madness! Accompanied by a musical score created by Sarah.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Satanic Players Society – Fueled by Sex and Sin Welcome to the Halloween performance of the Satanic Players Society. To celebrate our second anniversary we bring you the second part of the “Bill Kills” series by M. R. Stover: Fueled by Sex and Sin. Yes folks, the governor’s goons haven’t gone away you know. Now under the leadership of the Preacher Man these despots seek to bring death and destruction upon the world in the name of their Laawd! This episode not only features performances by our full troupe of players, but also has special guest appearances from Citizen Clover […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Candy Blood and Sex From the creative pen of Hydra M. Star comes this erotic horror tale of wolves in men’s clothing. Scarlett, having survived a childhood trauma, prepares to step out into the world as a beautiful young woman. Little did she know that the events of so long ago would come back to haunt her and change her life forever!

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: JUNE 2016 Welcome to the June performance of the Satanic Players Society. Even though it is Summer there is always time for a little darkness! Featuring the works of Clover K Binx, Gene Levergne, Milton C Cruver, Keith C Ecker, M.R. Stover and Arjay Murray we take you on another trip of horror and madness! Will you let us in?