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BLACK MASS: The Devil’s Mischief Episode 500

The Devil’s Mischief presents episode #500! With the podcast’s past 11 years of Carnal Comedy and Netherworld Novelty, Reverend Bill M. explores the question: what are today’s sacred cows? What would a true “Black Mass” of today entail? Hear an hour of choice sacred cow cutting that’s not for the easily offended.


Historically, black masses have served to give the oppressed a feeling of power (however false that might be) by mocking the reigning religious institution. The Satanic Mass by H.T.F. Rhodes covers the topic quite well. Accounts in decadent literature as well as in court documents recording confessions extracted under torture chronicle a pageant of vile acts meant to denigrate Christianity, and practically they tended to debase those performing them. Unless one’s personal fetishes involve sipping excretions and bestiality, as well as the mutilation of aborted fetuses and using consecrated wafers for sexual arousal, most modern rational folk would not be inclined towards […]