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The Demented1: A Moment with Gavin Baddeley

The Demented1: A Moment with Gavin Baddeley

Join your host Blake as he interviews Gavin Baddeley. They discuss Gavin’s book called Lucifer Rising, he’s time with Anton LaVey, Satanism, and much more! Apple Podcast / Spotify

Death Comes in Waves at Schattenfest 2023

Death Comes in Waves live-event @Schattenfest (Bonn)

The German black-metal band Death Comes in Waves (founded by J. S., an active member of the Church of Satan) is proud to announce their long awaited live-comeback at Schattenfest (Bonn, Germany) on November, 17th. The band will present material of their current full lenght-album Not of this World for the very first time on stage! To order tickets to the event, follow this link.