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People Sing Williams

PEOPLE sing David E. Williams

PEOPLE sing David E. Williams WOMEN SING WILLIAMS vinyl combined with THE APPEAL OF DISCARDED ORTHODOXY tribute double CD A total of 51 tracks!  including Tara Vanflower, Gitane Demone, Scout Pare Phillips, Spiritual Front, Rome, Naevus with Rose McDowall, others!!! $29 – ORDER HERE     !!! CD Bundle !!! 4 Releases – Total of 5 Discs! 25% DISCOUNT OVER BUYING INDIVIDUALLY! Every Missing Duck is a Duck Missed (Disques de Lapin, 2009) Trust No Scaffold Built of this Bone (Old Europa Cafe, 2013) Hospice Chorale (Old Europa Cafe, 2017) The Appeal of Discarded Orthodoxy, 38 artist double CD tribute […]