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Gyps Fulvus – The Lich…Now Reissued on CD With Bonus Tracks! Gyps Fulvus has re-released The Lich: Book I (2016) onto CD for the first time ever! Three bonus tracks, unavailable for purchase anywhere else, are also included on the CD.   The Lich: Book I is a dark, Symphonic Metal themed concept album about a man who dies, comes back to life as a Lich and goes on a quest to avenge the wrongdoer…while wondering whether or not he was, in fact, betrayed.Click below to purchase The Lich: Book I on CD through Bandcamp.  If you want your CD […]

(Gyps Fulvus) Gyps Fulvus will be releasing The Lich on CD and digital download worldwide on Walpurgisnacht, 2016. The Lich is a near 40 minute conceptual opus with 11 parts that run one into another on a single track.  The complete Vocal Edition as well as the Instrumental Edition will be bundled together and released in E.P. format Part ii, “The Lychgate”, complete with vocals, is now available for free streaming via Soundcloud. Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / Tumblr