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COOP 1949 MERCURY (Giant Edition)

Print size is 25 ½” × 47 ½” Edition of 25 November 2007 Edition immediately sold out at $1,000 each Only 5 Artist Proofs  Pressure Printing’s Description:  1949 Mercury is a one-color relief print, staggering in both its beauty and its size. It measures two feet tall and four feet across—as large as we can print with our current equipment. The image has been pressed into Rives BFK printmaking paper, and each print is hand printed and has been signed and numbered by Coop. I am offering one of the Artist Proofs, never before available. These are signed by Coop, designated […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

From Magistra Blanche Barton: Step right up, folks! Yes, you! Come over here, closer to the platform. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. Inside are treasures beyond your wildest dreams from the mystic Orient, or deepest mysteries from perfumed Araby…wonders better imagined than described. There have been only two “recruitment” posters authorized by the Church of Satan through the years. One was released in 1967. The second one, this startling bally poster, was done by the fiendish artist, Coop, in 1996. Dr. LaVey was delighted with Coop’s style and garish presentation. These sold quickly and are fairly hard to […]