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It is my great honor to introduce the new official video for my song “A Patch of Fog in Purgatory,” humorously yet meticulously crafted by Ukrain Mom Productions. Starring characters from some of my early songs (see how many you can find!), it is more than a fitting celebration for the official Bandcamp launch of my back catalog! Check ‘em both out!  P.S. —Although it’s animation, certain portions are “mature audiences only”. David E. Williams

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DAVID E. WILLIAMS: FILM MUSIC 1995-2005 From the release of his debut EP PSEUDO EROTICA in 1988, David E. Williams was often lauded for the “cinematic quality” of his music.  Armed with his electronic keyboard machines, he would set off on his Quixotic journeys for orchestral grandeur.  With mixed results. His first excursion into pure soundtrack composition was a minimal organ cue for BEN FRANKLIN(S), a clever/ surreal quasi-documentary (directed by Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe) in which Ben Franklin is hypnotized by Franz Mesmer and meets the actual Ben Franklin imitators of contemporary Philadelphia, who are interviewed on camera […]