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Speak of the Devil presents Never Have I Ever: Satanist Edition - Episode 001

Never Have I Ever – Episode 001

Join Tonight Friday, 11 December at 6pm MST Live on YouTube     Speak of the Devil presents Never Have I Ever: Satanist Edition – Episode 001. This inaugural episode will feature Panelists Reverend Campbell, Witch Cimminnee Holt, Witch Doctor Troj, and 3 live chat Audience Assistants. ‘Never Have I Ever’ is the latest game show brought to life in the vein of ‘Beelzebubblegum’, ‘Pseudo-Satanic Bingo’, and ‘The Tonight Show’s True Confessions’. There will be audience participation and prizes to be won, so make sure you’re live in chat for your chance to play! Learn More: Subscribe on YouTube: […]

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Speak of the Devil presents: Beelzebubblegum—Episode 001 Sunday, July 30th / 3pm MST Speak of the Devil presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Join hosts Erin and Josh Latta as we play the game with Reverend Campbell and the live audience in chat. You may be the lucky winner, but there’s only one way to find out! Beelzebubblegum is the brand new game created by sinners, for sinners… and the gays, straights, queers, bros, sluts, greasers, jets, sharks and n00bs. Sign Up to the Email List. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Give a Rating & […]

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Our very own Witch Heather Height will be performing on The Paid or Pain taping for Sirius/XM’s Rawdog Channel. Friday, September 16, 2016 11:30 PMNew York Comedy Club, NY, NY Click the link to buy your tickets in advance! Use code 04PAIN at checkout! Tired of being tortured by bad comedy? Terrible comedy should be punishable! In this unique comedy show, comedians perform and the audience decides if they should be PAID cash or administered PAIN by a Dominatrix. The show opens with our hosts, Jay Nog and Mehran Khaghani, who introduce the show and the pre-selected special guests, who sit […]