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In Memoriam Haruo Nakajima (1929-2017) A horned salute to the man inside the Gojira suit for most of the Showa series of films (from 1954-1972). Nakajima took his work seriously, having studied the movements of large animals in Japanese zoos before striding onscreen as the King of the Monsters in Ishiro Honda’s GOJIRA (1954). The first master of suitmation acting, he had to carefully gauge his movements as they were shot faster than usual so they would appear slower and thus seem to indicate greater mass when the footage was screened at normal 24 fps. Effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya was […]

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The Devils Reign III: DAIKAIJU We are currently seeking submissions for The Devils Reign III: DAIKAIJU, curated by Peter H Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. This limited edition hardcover book will feature 144 pages of original artwork, with a focus on tattoo artists and illustrators. There will be a book release party and art show at the end of 2017 at HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers, FL. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 29TH, 2017 Full guidelines for submissions here.

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Join us for another exciting LIVE show! Sunday, Sep 04 @ 4pm MST Tune in live Sunday, September 4th at 4pm MST for Third Side with hosts John H Shaw and Adam P Campbell. The guest and topic will be revealed at the top of the show. We will be interacting with the audience through the live chat on our YouTube livestream throughout the broadcast. Join us and contribute to the show! Last Week on Third Side: 21 August, LI A.S. with Hosts John H Shaw & Adam P Campbell. The featured Guest was Peter H. Gilmore. It was our […]


This comic series provides an innovative take on the King of the Monsters as we find our intrepid Gojira making his way through a Dante-inspired underworld wherein he encounters various bizarre landscapes and strange adversarial monstrosities. There is no dialogue, though the imagery suggests what might be passing through Godzilla’s mind on this daunting journey, sinking ever deeper through the haunted circles of Hades. James Stokoe’s powerful premiere issue begins with a two-page spread done as a triptych of Godzilla’s fall into the abyss. His rendition seems like a nod to the late Millennium series KiryuGoji. Gojira’s first act of […]

GODZILLA: Faces of a Legend

Magus Gilmore wrote a brief article discussing the changing appearance of Godzilla over the past 60 years for The Collinsport Historical Society. If you are a Gojira aficionado, you might enjoy it.

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On November 3, 1954, Toho released this dark anti-nuclear parable that would become the foundation of a lasting series of films ranging from the serious to the silly. Thanks to Gareth Edwards, Gojira has been resurrected once again to serve as a metaphorical warning concerning mankind’s hubris and rash disrespect for our planet’s ecosystem that could lead to the destruction of our species as well as many others. I celebrate the continuing legacy of the King of the Monsters, a potent archetype that lumbers through the consciousness of many, a cross-cultural behemoth who should goad us towards more responsible behavior, […]