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The Infernal Legion


On this special episode of the Official Infernal Legion Podcast, the Wicked Warriors of the Infernal Empire honor all who have served and celebrate FIVE YEARS of continued service to the elite among the Alien Elite! Featuring appearances by Legionnaires: Reverend Adam Campbell Warlock Wes Vanderpool Warlock Rick Colemire Citizen David Bradford Reverend Jimmy Psycho Magus Peter H. Gilmore To learn more about the Infernal Legion, visit Happy Veterans Day! Hail the Infernal Legion! Hail Satan! Warlock Jeff Bowling Commander Infernal Legion

The Infernal Legion

Infernal Legion podcast on Veterans Day 2020

The Infernal Legion #019 Podcast Tune in to the official Infernal Legion podcast on our Veterans Day 2020 episode as we celebrate 3 years of the Infernal Legion! On this episode, we discuss the Oath of Enlistment, listen to the official songs of each branch — including the U.S. Space Force song — then discuss the new, Acting Secretary of Defense, the President’s Veterans Day plans, and pay tribute to our Officers and Wicked Warriors of the Infernal Legion. All this and more, right here on Radio Free Satan! Stream Infernal Legion #019 Podcast. Download Infernal Legion #019 Podcast.

Honoring Veterans


Here in the U.S., today is Veterans Day, honoring those who served in our nation’s armed forces. We offer our sincere gratitude and admiration to all who have served in the militia worldwide to sustain—as well as attain—the precious privilege of liberty. From the highest to lowest ranks, you have our thanks. Your gifts to us merit our abiding recognition for preserving the freedoms we all enjoy as we pursue our vital existence. Run by our members, the INFERNAL LEGION represents America’s Satanic Veterans, being dedicated to the service and support of the “Elite among the Alien Elite.” Follow this […]

The Infernal Legion

The Infernal Legion Podcast #011

In observance of Memorial Day, the Infernal Legion salutes the fallen in a special episode of their official podcast. Stream The Infernal Legion Podcast #011. Download The Infernal Legion Podcast #011.  

The Infernal Legion

The Infernal Legion #008 Podcast

This month on The Infernal Legion podcast, We play catch up with Warlock Jeff Bowling, Satanist Duwayne Burns, and Warlock Jeff Ivins. We also discuss several states with States’ Veterans Bonus Program and one of the Tuskegee Airmen promotion at State Of The Union. Then we listen to some sounds from the Battle Of Iwo Jima and talk about it. We hear a song from Johnny Cash song and talk about the flag raising. Stream The Infernal Legion #008. Download The Infernal Legion #008. The Infernal Legion #008

The Infernal Legion

Reign in Hell: A Memorial Day Tribute to our Fallen Comrades

Today, we honor the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price in the defense of liberty. Through their willingness to lay down their lives, they insured that the values of freedom, justice and self-determination will live on. The sacrifice these individuals made, has earned them a place of respect and admiration in the hearts and minds of those they left behind. With that sentiment in mind, the Infernal Legion has collected some creative works from within their ranks, which shed a unique light on how veterans view this solemn day. Join these wicked warriors as they raise a […]