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The Demented1: A Moment with Gavin Baddeley

The Demented1: A Moment with Gavin Baddeley

Join your host Blake as he interviews Gavin Baddeley. They discuss Gavin’s book called Lucifer Rising, he’s time with Anton LaVey, Satanism, and much more! Apple Podcast / Spotify

Exeunt Kenneth Anger (1927-2023)

Exeunt Kenneth Anger

Having passed today, aged 96, we note that Anger’s cinematic works defined a period of experimentation and transgression—and his imagery, use of music, and sense of oneiric fantasy all set a unique precedent which has inspired many artists who have encountered his efforts. Carl Abrahamsson’s CINEMAGICIAN – Conversations with Kenneth Anger presents an intimate discussion of many aspects of Anger’s life, works, and passions. Follow this text link to enjoy this film on YouTube.