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MALFORM: Reanimate / Expand

MALFORM: Reanimate / Expand

8X is the new release from Malform, featuring two new songs. “Reanimate” is an experimental mix of Drum ‘N Bass, Industrial Metal, and Ambient. “Expand” is a catchy mix of Dark Electro and Metal that may be suitable for some dance floors. Stream or download it here (name your price)

MALFORM: Ominous

Ominous is the new album by MALFORM.  IT Features an assortment of Industrial, Harsh Noise, Drone and Cinematic Remixes, with a prevailing atmosphere that truly fits the title. Free to stream, $5 to download. WARNING: Not intended for weak hearts, weak ears or weak minds.Listen at your own risk!

Chaos Sedated #165 Now Available at Radio Free Satan

The latest episode of Rev. Antony’s Chaos Sedated podcast is also available at Radio Free Satan. Episode 165 features a mix of minimal electronics, ambient, apocalyptic folk and black noise including several Church of Satan musicians such as Black Goat Uprising, The Invisible War, Scapegoat, and MALFORM. Get more details and stream the episode at Radio Free Satan:

Malform: Extermination Process

“Extermination Process”, the debut album by MALFORM, has been remastered (by Gyps Fulvus) and re-released! Industrial, Punk and Metal are combined with brooding soundscapes, disturbing sound bites and nihilistic themes, to deliver a unique listening experience that challenges conventional thought and delves into the darkest realms of human existence. Visit WWW.MALFORM.NET to listen to the album for free, or donate to download!