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Mantus: Miami Nights

MANTUS: Miami Nights

Mantus: Miami Nights has been released and reviewed: Outrun Isn’t Overdone Yet Amsterdam based Mantus has been releasing on Spotify for just over a year. The producer shows great dedication to his music with numerous EP releases over that year, with his latest Miami Nights releasing. Overall the EP is well produced and mastered, released on Spotify and the usual digital platforms and contains a good handful of memorable moments! Make sure to check back in the future for more good work from the producer, one to watch! Read the detailed review on SkyeCity Synth Mantus: Miami Nights on Bandcamp. […]

MANTUS: Summer Dreams

MANTUS: Summer Dreams

Mantus is back with his best work so far. From the first track “Without You,” you will be taken on a dream trip and have a Satanic experience. 2019 has become the year of Mantus and with Summer Dreams he has firmly rooted himself in the top of the synthwave scene. Summer Dreams by Mantus