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A MOMENT WITH WARLOCK BILL BUTLER Join your host Texxx as he interviews Warlock Bill Butler. They discuss Warlock Bill’s music, art, toy collection and much more.  (Source:

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Reverend Campbell interviews Witch Tania G. Tuesday May 23rd, 8pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Witch Tania G. about her Martial Arts Training, and how training can lead to or improve your mental and physical health. We will also be learning more about her discovery of Satanism and past projects as well. Tune in Live and contribute to the show via chat while interacting with the audience. Sign Up: Rate & Review:

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In Search of… Training by Warlock Tengu an article for The Black Flame—July, LI A.S. There is an endless sea of martial arts styles from around the world. Each style, or system was designed for either self-protection from would be invaders, the preservation of an ancestral tradition or for the development of warriors used to conquer other regions via force. Some systems began as one type and evolved towards cultural preservation as warring periods subsided. There are general aspects to look for when searching for a martial art to indulge oneself in. A tremendous amount of time and effort can […]