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Magus Gilmore in caprine guise, from Scott Cummings' REALM OF SATAN.

Getting My Kicks in Year 66!

Today I reach my double-six birth anniversary—the 24th of May in common era year 2024—and I mark several significant personal milestones in this current calendar year. As I’d mentioned in my Walpurgisnacht message, two close friends of many decades, both Church of Satan Magisters, finally had to leave the party of life. And, before their passing, another dear friend of mine, the great musicologist Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, succumbed to chronic heart issues. He is famous for being part of the SPCM team which worked diligently to complete the finale of the Bruckner 9th Symphony via deep analysis of the copious manuscript […]

The Devil's Trill: Classical Music


Classical guitarist and DJ, Warlock Sonny Bellavance, is back with The Devil’s Trill on Radio Free Satan featuring your favorite classical works. In this episode we hear works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Mozart, Mussorgsky, and more. Stream Download

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Vox Satanae – Episode 369 This week we hear works by Henry Purcell, Johan Helmich Roman, Nicolas Dalayrac, P.D.Q. Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Gottfried Loewe, Claude Debussy, Gideon Klein, and Christopher Rouse with performances by Francis Grier, The English Concert, The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral Oxford, Simon Preston, Karin Jonsson-Hazell, The Loewenguth Quartet, The New York Pick-Up Ensemble, Professor Peter Schickele, The Amadeus Quartet, Katherina Kammerloher, Eva Kirchner, Markus Marquardt, Bernhard Schneider, The Kölner Radio Chorus and Orchestra, Helmuth Froschauer, L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet, The Hawthorne String Quartet, The Houston Symphony, and Christoph Eschenbach. Download […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Magus Gilmore’s Classical Sonata-Allegro has been added to his music downloads page. In the early 1980s he wrote this piece for keyboard as an exercise in the style employed by Haydn and Mozart and then played and recorded it with a Korg synthesizer using timbres resembling Wendy Carlos’ pioneering Switched-On Bach album. It is a tribute to the great classical composers as well as to Carlos and her extraordinary works. The rough mix archived on cassette has been remastered by Warlock Gene of Vox Satanae. Those interested in Gilmore’s music and the classical style may find this a pleasant diversion.