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Reverend David Ingram's Metal Breakfast Radio & Lambert's Basement

Reverend David Ingram: Metal Breakfast Radio & Lambert’s Basement

In case you missed it, Reverend David Ingram brings a Halloween double-whammy, with two rather special shows. There’s a slice of musical mayhem from Metal Breakfast Radio, still sparkling with larceny after all these beers, and a sweet selection of Big Band Jazz on Lambert’s Basement, still co-hosted with Igor, his zombie goldfish, and this time with two guests in the form of Bob and Kent, the Reverend’s co-hosts on Metal Breakfast Radio. Confused? Have a cocktail. That always helps. And don’t forget to listen in to these, and all the other fantastic shows on Radio Free Satan! Metal Breakfast […]

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Speak of the Devil: Wes Vanderpool Thursday, May 17th / 8pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell interviews Wes Vanderpool. He is a combat veteran, a musician who has played all over the continental U.S. and Canada, and is now a professional in Cyber Security. Let’s learn more about his interesting past, bright future, and how he discovered Satanism. Join live in the chat and interact with the guest, host and other audience members!

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Black Fire League debut album “In The Throes Of Elegance” Black Fire League is a band that consists of Warlock and Witch, a hovering madman and a levitating muse; conjuring their debut album “In The Throes Of Elegance” out of an interdimensional abyss. Waves of enticing perfume, swirls of fog, distant cries, nature’s moan and the marriage and divorce of space and time–a roaring rapture of life and death that transcends existence. Here is music for the elite, echoing in the halls of a hidden clubhouse somewhere beyond the pines. This album is recorded live.

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Nathan Gray Collective  “Until The Darkness Takes Us” Album & Book Pre-Order Reverend Nathan Gray has announced today that pre-orders have begun for his tandem album and book release, both titled “Until The Darkness Takes Us.”  The album, which blends dramatic vocals and deeply personal prose with darkly crafted electronic elements, creates emotionally charged Abraxian Hymns for forward thinkers. The companion book is a beautifully and honestly crafted autobiography that works both in conjunction with the album, and on its own. He invites you to become part of The Collective by making your investment into the upcoming release on the […]

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NEW VIDEO FROM DANSE dE SADE “MIDNIGHT ALLEY SHANK” DANSE dE SADE promotional video for the song “Midnight Alley Shank” from their debut album ‘Sex, Satan, Baroque N’ Roll’ available NOW on CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever else music is sold online. DANSE dE SADE are New York’s ONLY “Satanic Sleaze Rock” band and ‘Sex, Satan, Baroque N’ Roll" is their debut album and only public release to date. The band is currently working on their second album. Follow them here: Reverbnation:…Facebook: Twitter:

Gyps Fulvus: The Lich: Book 1 The Lich: Book I is the brand new Solo release from Gyps Fulvus. It is a concept album about a man who is murdered, comes back to life as a lich, and goes on a quest to hunt down who carried out his assassination. Stylistically diverse and dense, the work blends elements of Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, and Prog Rock. Each movement segues into one another, running as one single track that clocks in at 37:37.The Lich: Book I will be released worldwide on April 30th, 2016 on CD and digital download. It will contain the version […]

(Gyps Fulvus) Gyps Fulvus will be releasing The Lich on CD and digital download worldwide on Walpurgisnacht, 2016. The Lich is a near 40 minute conceptual opus with 11 parts that run one into another on a single track.  The complete Vocal Edition as well as the Instrumental Edition will be bundled together and released in E.P. format Part ii, “The Lychgate”, complete with vocals, is now available for free streaming via Soundcloud. Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / Tumblr

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The Black Flame: Infernal Reasonances – A discussion with writer, musician, filmmaker, and misanthropologist Magister Carl Abrahamsson. by Reverend Raul Antony an interview for The Black Flame—October, L A.S. It was 1998, in an underground—literally, it was in the basement of an apartment building—NYC book and magazine shop called See Hear where my interest in both Satanism and Abrahamsson’s work emerged. As a voracious reader of the occult and counter-culture, I devoured everything the shop had to offer and settled on two prevailing interests, industrial music and Satanism. One day I was picking out some fanzines featuring Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle along with the Anton […]