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Cardone: Transylvania Adventure

Cardone: Transylvania Adventure

Friday Oct 30 8pm EST  Live on Youtube Cardone Entertainment Reverend Cardone presents a new show where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, symbolism, and mythology become real magic. The second  episode is the Transylvania Adventure! Friday October 30th. 8 pm EST The Devils Night! View Transylvania Adventure

Cardone: Behind the Devil's Curtain

CARDONE: Behind the Devil’s Curtain

Friday Oct 16 @ 8pm EST Live on Youtube Cardone Entertainment  Reverend Cardone presents a new show where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, symbolism, and mythology become real magic. The first episode is on the Tarot! Friday October 16th @ 8 pm EST

Eggscellent Day!

Eggscellent Day!

Today, Christians celebrate their well-worn myth of a savior risen from the dead. Some neo-pagans might esteem the relatively obscure female deity, Ēostre. Satanists note that traditions for this day stem from aspects of the Spring season and thus tend to enjoy the rising of dormant vegetation. There is much beauty in the early flowers now abounding. Since we are free of any holiday obligations, we might choose to ignore this date altogether. Yet we diabolists may enjoy whatever we find to be pleasing from festivities associated with this time of year. Why not indulge in things that might bring us […]

Myths, Legends and Monsters: Phaeton

Myths, Legends and Monsters: Phaethon

We take a step into Greek mythology with the Escapologist as she recounts the tale of Phaethon, son of Helios. An immature boy the young Phaethon gets himself into a wager that he cannot back out of which in turn puts the very existence of the earth and Olympus at peril.

Satanic Apocrypha by David SInclair-Smith

The Satanic Apocrypha by David Sinclair-Smith

Sourced from the translations of texts of several cultures, THE SATANIC APOCRYPHA compiles the complete story of SATAN in one book. This volume is a compilation of myths, poems and writings that have inspired or given voice to the story of Satan, from a Satanic perspective, as a single cohesive source of linear storytelling. Published by Aperient Press Invoke your copy NOW from Lulu  

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MYTHS, LEGENDS AND MONSTERS!  COMING SOON from The Satanic Players Society. Sit down with The Escapologist as she discusses European folklore, it’s origins, impact on modern society and shares a tale or two with you!

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Magus Gilmore on TRUE MONSTERS. THE HISTORY CHANNEL is launching a new series tonight for which Magus Gilmore was interviewed on topics from Satanism to mythology. From their web site: “True Monsters sorts the fiction from the often-muddled facts about the most terrifying monsters, awe-inspiring myths, and timeless legends in history. From monstrous creatures to wrathful gods, this series tells the incredible stories that reveal the surprising truths.” Tonight’s episode is Devils and Hell “Real monsters are behind our greatest legends. The gates of Hell are unlocked to reveal the surprising truths and devilish secrets of Satan, demons, and other […]

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The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin

Newsweek recently ran an article entitled “The Bible:  So Misunderstood It’s a Sin” which looked at how mistranslated their Bible is; how the story of Jesus was added to and revised by scribes, emperors, and committees hundreds of years after the supposed events took place; and how disagreements on the “Holy Word” lead to bloodshed. Needless to say, the article upset many American Christians. I guess the truth really does hurt. As Satanists, we understand that the Bible is mythology and is no more truth than the stories of Zeus, Odin, Amon-Ra, or even Satan. We don’t need such Bronze […]