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RADIO FREE SATAN: CHAOS SEDATED #170 – DERNIÈRE VOLONTÉ, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, COIL, NIN, THE HUMAN VOICE & MORE Reverend Raul Antony has new music from Dernière Volonté, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and The Human Voice. He also features Coil and Electric Sewer Age and talks about his recent interview with Coil producer/engineer Danny Hyde. Also featuring Kristoffer Oustad, Cult of Youth, Theologian, and Gustaf Hildebrand. The Forest Passage – Danny Hyde (Coil, NIN Interview)


Chaos Sedated returns to Radio Free Satan with a new mix of Dark Ambient, Noise, and Industrial music. Artists featured include Coil/NIN, Old Man Gloom, Hecq, Locrian, Theologian, and more. Steam or download this episode and others at Featured releases: Coil / Nine Inch Nails | Recoiled (Cold Spring Records) Theologian | The Further I Get From Your Star, the Less Light I Feel On My Face (Crucial Blast) Atrium Carceri | The Untold (Cryo Chamber)