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Leuthold: Obsidian Odes

Obsidian Odes: a Collection of Erotic Horror Verse by Robert J. Leuthold

Many a tome has been filled with love poetry, the sort of stuff you read aloud to your sweetheart or include in your wedding vows. Those poems are usually filled with promises of forever and holding the object of your affection so dear that you’d never allow any pain or harm to come to them. This is not one of those tomes. These are the sorts of poems you shout at your demon lover, naked in the forest, covered in your own blood, and hoping to conjure up an evil great enough that it will consume all of humanity and […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

I’m a Satanist and…Here’s my “Interview With The Hampire”  imasatanistand interviews Warlock Robert Leuthold.