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The Devil's Diary XXXIII: Halloween XLI

The Devil’s Diary XXXIII: Halloween XLI

Dæmonic Hallowinds course across The Black Earth as The Masks of Satan emerge to reflect from The Abyss. Satanic Serenades echo from the deepest recesses of The Pit, as phantoms manifest in mist & shadow upon the æthyric Spechtreum, dancing to Malefick Musick, the Diabolical Sermons come alive. Behold those who come to The Infernal Throne upon this Unholy Sabbath, to gain a treasure trove of pleasures and trick or treat delight! Order your copy: The Devil’s Dairy XXXIII—Codex Dæmonum Magazine Now in paperback: Seasons In Hell—Codex Mundi

The Order of Chaos Podcast

The Order of Chaos Podcast interviews Magister Carl Abrahamsson

In this episode of the occult and paranormal podcast, Sanhre Daffowt interviews Magister Carl Abrahamsson, an author, artist, creator of the documentary “Into The Devil’s Den” and a long time member of the Church of Satan. Order of Chaos: Carl Abrahamsson on Satanism

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HORNS: WINTER SOLSTICE  On this Winter Solstice, HORNS Magazine competes with Boreas winter winds! Read about the history of Krampus as well as see him in action with a naughty boy! Read about greasing your broomstick and further your mastery of the Tarot. Take a peek into using edging for scrying and chapter two of DEMON SHOCK. This is the only Gay Grimoire and becoming an ever more powerful sigil for our cock sucking ilk! Get your copy here! Cover Credits: Photographer: BernardGPhotography (IG: @bgphotography2)Models: Bryan Knights (IG: @bryanknight66) and Joelsomeone (IG @joelsomeone)Makeup Artist: Charles Zambrano (IG: @astrobatboy )

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Magister Carl Abrahamsson’s “Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward” Pre-Order Available Explores the role of magic and the occult in art and culture from ancient times to today  • Examines key figures behind esoteric cultural developments, such as Carl Jung, Anton LaVey, Paul Bowles, Aleister Crowley, and Rudolf Steiner • Explores the history of magic as a source of genuine counter culture and compares it with our contemporary soulless, digital monoculture • Reveals how the magic of art can be restored if art is employed as a means rather than an end and offers strategies to rekindle intuitive […]

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HORNS Magazine has released new content! As Issue 2 of the only Homoerotic Occult magazine is wrapping up, we have released some new articles on www.hornsmagazine.com to wet your whistle. ·      A review of Justin Symbol and the God Bomb’s new music video “Godhead” ·      Reviews of New Moon Witchery’s occult items ·      Check out HORNS Contributors! We know that we’re not the only Queer Occultists and we aim to shine a light on our corner of Gay Culture with the  “WHO HAS HORNS?” articles; tell us about yourself on our tumblr page and you could be featured in HORNS Magazine!  […]

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THE DEVIL’S DIARY XXVII: WALPURGISNACHT LII Wicked winds have brought forth another issue for your rumination & contemplation, fanning the hellfires to rage ever higher! In this stygian subterranean labyrinthine grotto,The Draegon there leers from the gloom, black flames purifying all but the most potent, forging stronger still, with illuminating parchment scrolls unfolding by abyssal lantern’s glow. There writ by sanguineous stain and impressed with dread symbols, wrought by daemon and & devil quill, words spark aflame by the mention of Infernal Names, as those who have flown forth on leathern wings across The Black Earth, return triumphantly bearing foreboding […]

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HORNS MAGAZINE HORNS is truly where the Occultists cum–the world’s first homoerotic magazine that explores the shadowy world of witchcraft, sorcery, and our homo heritage. Within our pages you’ll find sexy Incubi, interviews with fellow travelers of darker paths, dirty demonic cartoons, erotic ceremonies, and of course, more naked men! HORNS is for all those queers who yearn for erotica with a witchy bend. For the twink who calls on spirits to bring him a nice 9-incher to sit on, for the queen who dances sky-clad under the full moon, the jock who invokes the Old Ones to get that […]

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RADIO FREE SATAN:  DARK VOICES – EPISODE 006 – THE SATANIC WITCH PART IV “This episode, we conclude our series on The Satanic Witch with Magister Bill M. We break down The LaVey Personality Synthesizer Clock, the three layers of personality and what they mean in the bigger picture. We talk about the chapter "E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception” some more to get the male perspective, Bill talks about his time as a professional tarot card reader, grooming for men, and his many talents as a musician and how he has applied those techniques as a warlock.“ Radio Free Satan is […]