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The Jersey Devil Show at Albert Music Hall

The Jersey Devil Show at Albert Music Hall

For people who know The Wedding Funeral, All Hallows’ Eve doesn’t just end on All Hallows’ Eve. The NJ pinelands have been called the most eerie forest in America. We just call it home. And so does a certain creature whose roots go back to the origins of America itself. This Saturday, we celebrate this monster in only one place where it is best to do so, Albert Music Hall. The Pinelands Cultural Society presents the annual Jersey Devil Show, songs about the legend of the Leeds Devil. The Wedding Funeral begins the festivities and will be playing “Bosque del […]

Pinelands Heritage and Americana Fest.

Albert Music Hall: Pineland’s Heritage and Americana Fest

The Wedding Funeral and Albert Music Hall/Pinelands Cultural Society Save the date, Sept 16! Please visit the FaceBook Events Page for details. “The Wedding Funeral is promoting its debut at Albert Music Hall. AMH has quite a history to it and this is the first Pinelands Heritage & Americana Festival, so it’s an honor.” —Darren Deicide