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The Devil in the Details

‎The Devil in the Details: Episode 12 – The Satanic Temple

On the latest episode of his podcast The Devil in the Details, the “Satanic Skeptic” JD Sword examines The Satanic Temple, discussing the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of their trolling strategies as well as pulling the curtain back on the origins and goings on behind-the-scenes of the organization. Sword ultimately makes the case defending the Church of Satan as the only legitimate body defining and defending the religion of Satanism, and hopes that his fellow skeptics who have until now supported TST for their Christian antagonizing, reconsider. To listen, click the links: Apple Podcasts Spotify

An American Satan: a documentary by Aram Garriga

An American Satan by Aram Garriga at Sitges

An American Satan by Aram Garriga will debut at the Sitges Film Festival this October. Running time 72′ Language: English Documentary/Religion Founded in 1966 in California by a former organist and lion tamer named Anton Szandor LaVey, the Church of Satan has often been surrounded by mysteries, scandals and moral panics. Some of today’s active members of the church and other free-styled Satanists will share their views, memories, ritual practices and personal stories about how they got involved with Satanic religion and what are the false myths that still surround the movement. An immersive journey into one the most fascinating […]

Church of Satan celebrates Religious Freedom Day

Religious Freedom Day

In 1992, the US Congress deemed January 16th as Religious Freedom Day in celebration of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom passed on January 16 of 1786. This act is a significant precursor of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Please follow this link to enjoy pieces done by our members in celebration of this unique holiday.