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The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion Podcast #041

On the final #SinisterScuttlebutt episode of 2023, we discuss winter holidays, branch birthdays, mass officer promotions, an increase to family separation pay, and a Naval Reservist’s destruction of a statue followed by calls to outlaw Satanism. On THE TOWER, Magister Adam Campbell talks recruiting and retention of military spouses and increasing servicemember base pay. Stream Infernal Legion Podcast #041. Download Infernal Legion Podcast #041.

Infernal Legion: Elite Among The Alien Elite

Infernal Legion Podcast: Episode 036

On the latest Sinister Scuttlebutt episode of the Infernal Legion podcast, Rev. Bowling and Rev. Burns discuss the recently identified remains of a WWII soldier 80 years after his death, a Coast Guard couple suing Louisiana over porn, a first-of-its-kind study on moral injuries in combat veterans, and dissect the recent activation of the IRR for Operation Atlantic Resolve. On “The Tower,” Magister Campbell takes on the idea of a “woke” U.S. military. Stream Infernal Legion Podcast Episode 036. Download Infernal Legion Podcast Episode 036. Hail Satan! Reverend Jeff Bowling Commander Infernal Legion