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Nathan Gray Collective – Until The Darkness Takes Us – “Heathen Blood” Preview Reverend Nathan Gray has been in the studio over the last several months working on his upcoming full-length album, entitled Until The Darkness Takes Us. He recently announced that he and musical partner Dan Smith will be releasing album previews on the Nathan Gray Collective Facebook page in the coming days. Yesterday, Nathan posted a sampling of the first song on the album called “Heathen Blood”, and he invites you all to have a listen. Keep up with Nathan Gray Collective on Facebook at, and on […]

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ASP Music #43: Satan Takes a Holiday  A selection of Satanic songs that formed part of Anton Szandor LaVey’s magical musical repertoire.  Playlist compiled by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer.

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The Morbid Minutes Satanism Episode with Reverend Nathan Gray  This week Vance & Len sit down with singer / song writer Nathan Gray and discuss the Church of Satan. The sound quality is rough, but the conversation is quite informative.

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Call for Submissions: Radio Free Satan is now accepting musical contributions from Church of Satan members for an upcoming special Year 50 project. Songs and music from ANY musical genre will be accepted for consideration. We are particularly interested in older studio, home, and live recordings from past decades 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…however, recordings from 1966-present are being accepted. Only MP3 format will be accepted. All submissions will be screened. NOTE: All music submitted must have at least ONE Church of Satan member involved as composer or performer. All memberships will be verified. When submitting music, please include the following information: […]

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As of last Friday the 13th, the “Black” version of the Codex Tenebrae has been released, which is presented in black & white print throughout as an alternative to the previously released full-color version. Please visit this page to see more and order your copy. And if you are an aficionado of Warlock Blackthorne’s work, don’t miss his music (with Dorian Gray) and art on the new Church of Satan Downloads page. And you’ll find new items available in his Zazzle store as well.

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Otto’s Shrunken Head Presents “A Devilish Display” Showcase New York City, NY – On Friday, February 27th, Otto’s Shrunken Head presents the special showcase, “A Devilish Display”, featuring Maninblack, Darren Deicide, and the live debut of Nathan Gray. This showcase will highlight these openly devilish musicians and their work.

  Otto’s Shrunken Head is New York City’s own rock n’ roll Tiki bar that was voted one of the ten best Tiki bars in New York City by the Wall Street Journal and the best “Tiki dive” by the Gothamist. This showcase will feature the live solo performance debut of Nathan […]

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Radio Free Satan gives you an amazing line-up of podcasts for the week of Halloween – In episode #13 of Confessions of a Wicked Witch, Magistra Ygraine interviews Witch Tania of Helle Magazine – Vox Satanae brings a very special collection of pieces curated by Magus Peter H. Gilmore himself – Satanic Story Time presents a double feature. Hear “The Shadow People”, a recreation of a 1953 radio program voiced by The Satanic Players.  Also, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with special Guest Gyps Fulvus – Reverend Bill M. brings a selection of Halloween-inspired comedy and novelty on The Devil’s […]


Brian Whitney explores the variety of music made by Satanists: Satanists are nonconformists. We all know that. So when most of us think “Satanic music,” we think of Satanic death metal. However, there are quite a few musicians that Hail Satan in a different way. Satanism is based on individualism, epicureanism, and an “eye for an eye” morality. So it just stands to reason that a lot of Satanic bands don’t follow the leader when it comes to what it means to play music influenced by Satan. Read the full piece here.