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Scott Cummings: Realm of Satan (2024)

REALM OF SATAN: Filmfest München

Scott Cummings’ film, REALM OF SATAN, has its German premiere in the CineREBELS section of Filmfest München: WED, 03. JULY – 10:00 PM (82 min)—CINEMA FILMTHEATER After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings THU, 04. JULY – 6:00 PM (82 min)—CITY 3 After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings SAT, 06. JULY – 9:00 PM (82 min)—CITY 3 After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings For more details, follow this link

Magus Gilmore in caprine guise, from Scott Cummings' REALM OF SATAN.

Getting My Kicks in Year 66!

Today I reach my double-six birth anniversary—the 24th of May in common era year 2024—and I mark several significant personal milestones in this current calendar year. As I’d mentioned in my Walpurgisnacht message, two close friends of many decades, both Church of Satan Magisters, finally had to leave the party of life. And, before their passing, another dear friend of mine, the great musicologist Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, succumbed to chronic heart issues. He is famous for being part of the SPCM team which worked diligently to complete the finale of the Bruckner 9th Symphony via deep analysis of the copious manuscript […]

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #055 – Realm of Satan film, February 1, 2024

News on the new film “Realm of Satan”! Also, addressing false claims about serial killer Richard Ramirez and the Church of Satan (no, he was never a member, nor practiced what we believe), and answering listener questions about the Universal Life Church and Satanic weddings, membership privacy, and other topics.

Scott Cummings: Realm of Satan (2024)


Magistra Barton, Maga Nadramia, and I were honored to attend and support Scott Cummings’ masterful first feature—a project first proposed to us 9 years ago. All good things to those who wait! It is a challenging film, not at all a typical didactic documentary, and its approach clearly goes over the heads of some viewers. GIZMODO reviewed it and got the entire point of this fascinating work, essentially conceived to function as a visual ritual. Please read Cheryl Eddy’s succinct and perceptive review: Realm of Satan Brings Dark Glamour to a Misunderstood Culture The film’s distribution is currently being negotiated, […]

Church of Satan wishes you a Happy New Year!

To a Discerning New Year!

Tomorrow begins year LIX, Anno Satanas. For the new year, we of the Church of Satan have something fine to celebrate. Director Scott Cummings, of BUFFALO JUGGALOS fame, approached us before the pandemic struck with the concept of doing an artistic portrait of the contemporary Church of Satan. Not a didactic documentary, rather it is an effort to visually present our vital members engaging in their passions and their arts, woven together with the ritual traditions established by our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey. Cummings filmed over the course of several years, criss-crossing the USA, and also shooting in Canada and […]