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A Moment With Rev. Campbell Join Citizen Texxx on the Devil’s Night as he interviews Rev. Campbell. They discuss the beginning and the end of 9sense podcast, Rev Campbell’s new show “Speak of the Devil”, and much more! (Source:

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The Devil Meets His Own Creation A Devil’s Night made in Hell On this upcoming Devil’s Night, 30 October, LI A.S., Texxx the Demented1 and Reverend Campbell are presenting a very special event for all you Devils. They are simultaneously releasing personal and in depth interviews of each other. Texxx is releasing his pre-recorded interview of Reverend Campbell on his The Demented1 YouTube channel, and Reverend Campbell is live streaming his interview of Texxx on his Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews… YouTube channel at the same time. You can watch each one after the other or be […]

A Moment With Magister Thomas Thorn Join me as I sit down and interview Magister Thomas Thorn. We discuss the Electric Hellfire Club, his time with Anton LaVey, and much more. (Source:

Join Texxx as he interviews Warlock David Ingram as they discuss Warlock David’s metal bands, Metal Breakfast Radio, Satanism, and much more! (Source:

A MOMENT WITH HYDRA M. STAR Join Texxx as he interviews Hydra M. Star as we discuss her many projects and also what its like living in the south and much more.  (Source:

Join Texxx as he interviews Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss Satanism, depression, and much more. (Source: