The Satanic Bible

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The Satanic Bible was written by Anton Szandor LaVey and published in 1969 by Avon. It is the founding document for the religion of Satanism, and cannon literature of the Church of Satan.

The Infernal Legion Podcast on Radio Free Satan

Infernal Legion Podcast #043

On this episode of the Infernal Legion podcast, we are joined by one of our newest #WickedWarriors, Citizen Kimberly Campos! Kim recounts her 14-year career in the U.S. Navy, battling Somali pirates, becoming a Golden Shellback, breaking away from herd conformity, and discovering Satanism in the digital age—after being fooled by pretenders to the throne. Stream Episode #043. Download Episode #043.

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #055 – Realm of Satan film, February 1, 2024

News on the new film “Realm of Satan”! Also, addressing false claims about serial killer Richard Ramirez and the Church of Satan (no, he was never a member, nor practiced what we believe), and answering listener questions about the Universal Life Church and Satanic weddings, membership privacy, and other topics.

Satanism 101: accurate information about Satanism.

Satanism 101

Are you seeking accurate information about Satanism? Satanism 101 features actual Satanists who will answer your questions. Episode 1 is now streaming, and Episode 2, “Is Abortion a Satanic Sacrament?,” will debut at Midnight, GMT, September 9, 2023. Your misconceptions shall be obliterated! Episode 1: Why Do You Worship the Devil? Episode 2: Is Abortion a Satanic Sacrament?

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #040 – Spotlights, Dimbulbs, and Shine

Satansplain celebrates its first anniversary with “Spotlights, Dimbulbs, and Shine”, a special talk that was presented only at the Church of Satan’s 50th anniversary gathering in 2016. Magister Bill shares his own observations concerning members who’ve come in and out of the spotlight over the years, the dimbulbs who don’t get Satanism, and how Satanists might maximize their potential.

The Satanic Bible Editions

Addendum to “So It Was Written: The History of The Satanic Bible” by Magistra Peggy Nadramia

Addendum to “So It Was Written: The History of The Satanic Bible” Our High Priestess, Magistra Peggy Nadramia, has written an addendum to her historical piece about the writing and release of The Satanic Bible. It covers early reviews and various versions, including the numerous translations into languages other than English. Follow this link to enjoy what her diligent research has documented.

The Satanic Bible Chapter Pin

The Satanic Bible Chapter Pin by Satanme

Limited Edition The Satanic Bible Chapter Pin by Satanme. In honor of The Satanic Bible‘s 50th Anniversary Year in Print (Dec. 2019) we are releasing the remaining pins to the public to add to your collections. This chapter pin is limited to 272 pieces (the same number as the pages in The Satanic Bible). They are an amazing collector’s piece of Church of Satan history! Order yours now!

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Satan’s Village: Atheist Underground Station 22

Our Magister Bill M. of RADIO FREE SATAN’s THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF explains aspects of Satanism to the curious folks at ATHEIST UNDERGROUND. Stream Satan’s Village. Download Satan’s Village.

The Satanic Journal, Notebook

The Satanic Journal and Satanic Notebooks by Satanme

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of The Satanic Bible, Satanme has released The Satanic Journal and The Satanic Notebooks. Now you can write down all your personal thoughts, rituals and drawings in true Satanic style! Based on the original cover work for The Satanic Bible by as conceived by Anton Szandor LaVey, these luxuriously crafted personal journals allow your creativity to flow! Visit Satanme to order yours now!

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Bible - Part 3

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Bible – Part 3

Reverend Campbell concludes his reading aloud of The Satanic Bible with this Part 3. Video Time Stamps The Three Types of Satanic Ritual – 2:29 The Ritual or “Intellectual Decompression” Chamber – 15:21 The Ingredients Used in the Performance of Satanic Magic – 25:06 The Satanic Ritual – 48:12 Invocation to Satan – 1:12:26 The Infernal Names – 1:13:30 Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Lust – 1:19:06 Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction – 1:24:02 Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Compassion – 1:29:03 The Enochian Keys – 1:34:48 The Satanic Bible YouTube playlist: Reverend Campbell’s YouTube […]