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A Moment with Magister Bob Johnson

The Demented1: A Moment with Magister Bob Johnson

Join your host Blake as he interviews Magister Bob Johnson. Magister Johnson discusses his book, The Satanic Warlock, concepts of masculinity in this current society, his The Warlock Academy, and much more! Apple Podcast / Spotify

The Satanic Warlock by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson


Magister Dr. Johnson’s companion to Anton LaVey’s celebrated The Satanic Witch, now on Amazon’s Kindle for $6.66! Click this link to order yours.

The Warlock Emporium


Bespoke Satanic Items for the Chosen Few Magister Dr. Robert Johnson and Warlock Gerry Denis are proud to announce The Warlock Emporium, the world’s only retail destination offering official, exclusive and trademarked Satanic Warlock merchandise. The site is billed as the definitive marketplace for all things desired by men who define themselves as epicurean Warlocks. Denis, the site’s proprietor and student at the Warlock Academy, defines the venture as the first online source for men who “dare to be different and live fiercely.” He added that the site provides Satanic men with items that define their stature in a world […]

The Warlock Academy

The Warlock Academy

ANNOUNCING THE WARLOCK ACADEMY  An Online Salon For Gentlemanly Arts Expanding The Black Guard — Satanism’s elite Brotherhood — Magister Robert Johnson, author of “The Satanic Warlock”, is offering a members only, bi-monthly online Satanic support group that will explore the philosophy, ideals, techniques and concerns of Satanic men! The Academy picks up where the groundbreaking book left off, establishing a virtual society of distinguished Satanists, scholars, artists and magicians who live by Satanic principles. You’ll experience a finishing school of sorts for sinful gentlemen and scoundrels of every stripe, devoted to exploring Epicurean and Hedonistic endeavors. For details on […]

The Warlock Hour

The Warlock Hour: Episode 1 with Sarah Sinistre

The Warlock Hour Here is the first of many videos to come in this series expanding on the knowledge and techniques found within The Satanic Warlock. Hosted by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson and Lorcan Black, these two men will hold nothing back while discussing every aspect of what it means to be a true Warlock and how to get there. This episode we have Sarah Sinistre, Old Nick model and personal friend of Magister Johnson, on to join in the discussion. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because you don’t want to miss what’s coming your way.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

INTERVIEW WITH A SATANIC GENTLEMAN Father Sebastiaan discusses The Satanic Warlock with Magister Dr. Robert Johnson.  “About a year ago I was introduced to the book The Satanic Warlock by Magister Dr. Robert Johnston, Magister of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan by a good friend Ruth Waytz (who is also a Magistra in the Church of Satan). As I am into the Gentleman’s Arts of bon vivant, adventure, class and seduction this book seemed to be a direct correlation to my interests and it did not let me down. I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his book!” Click here to read more!

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The Satanic Warlock Exclusive Walpurga Special Offer!APRIL 30, 2018 EVERY DIGITAL ISSUE OF OLD NICK MAGAZINE EVER CREATED!MORE THAN A DECADE OF DEVILISH DELIGHT IS NOW ONLY $69.99!! – a $300 Value! That’s right, more than 10 years of Devilishly Good Entertainment for men has been compiled and is now available in this special offer for Warlocks only.  All of the gorgeous centerfold Temptresses, amateurs, compelling Satanic articles (including the premiere issue and rare 6/6/06 Ritual nude photo layout), model spreads, reviews, galleries and more is right at your fingertips in digital format for your personal collection. Don’t pass up this special deal […]

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THE WAIT IS OVER! The Gates of Hell Are Open! The Satanic Warlock Website Now LIVE! Join The Black Guard of the Hellfire Brotherhood. This continues from where the book, The Satanic Warlock, left off. Here’s the ultimate resource for the 21st century Satanic Warlock! Visit the premiere destination for diabolical advice, entertainment, personal coaching and more. JOIN FOR FREE – NOW!  ADVICE  After Dark VIDEO INTERVIEWS WITH CoS MEMBERSENTERTAINMENTAVAILABLE PERSONAL COACHINGOld Nick Magazine MODELS

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