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Parent Outraged Over Devil’s Bus

Upon leaving Georgia, the Devil stopped in Tennessee. After his back-masked “toothbrushes are evil” message on the latest Charlie Daniels album he wanted something different. And so he decided to market his wares to schoolkids via brake light advertising. Were there only one complainant we could dismiss this story as a dispatch from Crazy Town. Alas, it appears many are debating whether or not this is an accident or a “subliminal pagan message.” (Wouldn’t that be “soap and gainful employment is evil?” I kid, I kid.) So we’re now looking once again at popular delusion and the madness of crowds.  […]


I’m so glad I don’t live in Russia. A few plutocrats have near-complete control over the media. Russian society lives in a world where apathetic cynicism is cultivated by the ruling classes, where “news” functions as an entertaining distraction and where any sort of intelligent discourse is quickly sidelined by provocateurs and trolls. Oh, wait… Pomerantsev’s critique of Putin is insightful and he correctly recognizes Russian superiority in the field of international online propaganda. But he fails to recognize the ways in which these same mechanisms function in America and Europe. When America’s choices are the Koch Brothers v. Huffington and […]