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Legends and Monsters - The Big Bad Wolf

Myths, Legends and Monsters – The Big Bad Wolf

Sit down again with  the Escapologist as she discusses the origins of the werewolf myth—how it differs from Lycanthropy and its links to the witch trials. She tells the tale of Peter Stumpp and of Rougarou in Cajun folklore. Myths, Legends and Monsters – The Big Bad Wolf


Prepare yourself for a second helping of eerie, creepy, and terrifying stories from G.R. Wilson, author of “Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange”! The pages of “Paranoia” are filled to the brim with such horrors as: +Vengeful undead royalty, with a real bone to pick.+A scarecrow who takes his job just a BIT too seriously.+Crawling and buzzing beasts pulled right from your nightmares.+An eccentric Scottish nobleman ready for a HOWLING good time.+Beasts and spirits of American folklore, brought to these pages fresh for modern readers.+And much more… Whether you prefer Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, campfire, or any other […]