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The “Nocebo Effect” and the “Invisible War”

Trends – Self Doubt – Peer Pressure…our media promotes and cultivates these at every turn. Our founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, coined a term—the “Invisible War"—denoting the stresses contemporary society and "big business” have wrought on our populace meant to keep people behaving as docile consumers. A study has shown that at least 30% of the nation’s populace now wants to buy and eat gluten-free products. When a group of self-professed “gluten-sensitive” people were tested on various diets (the nutritional content of which were not revealed until afterwards), they fully expected to feel worse at the end of the study. And they did, for all of the […]


Satanic Story Time’s 14th episode, “Phantoms” Part 3, is now available for download via iTunes Podcasts and at www.satanicstorytime.com. Mathew Stover is back on Satanic Story Time. In our interview, we talked about his latest short term goals, the Jacoby Ash series, specifically “Therianthrope” and “Reverent” which can be presently purchased in Michael K. Silva’s magazine, The Nightmare Engine, volumes 6 and 7. We talked about the changing plot that the reader experiences in the “Phantoms” series and the weird twist that results at the climax. We spoke about a future spotlight in Hydra Morningstar’s magazine, Infernal Ink and an upcoming appearance in Old Nick Magazine. I spoke with […]


New releases from German publisher EDITION ESOTERICK PUBLISHING German publisher EDITION ESOTERICK PUBLISHING has released several new titles. Lars Peter Kronlob’s Tarot book “Die esoterische Deutung des TAROT” describes a true esoteric system of reading the Tarot cards in order to reveal hidden aspects of one’s personality or unconscious patterns, instead of interpreting the cards as external things, events or people. In “Apollon und Dionysos” Frank Lerch describes and examines the complementary powers and primal forces, which Nietzsche called the Apollonian and the Dionysian. “SCHWARZ & MAGISCH. Die ESSAYS” contains 18 outstanding essays from the five issues of German magazine SCHWARZ […]


The very limited special-edition vinyl of Spawn of the Psycho is now available for preview and pre-order! There are three vinyl options: Blood Splatter/Clear Vinyl, Blood Red Vinyl, and “Random” colored vinyl (no two are alike). You may watch a preview video of the songs and read the official press release on this page.  This includes the track “Boldly Stand” with Magus Gilmore speaking a text from Ragnar Redbeard’s MIGHT IS RIGHT.

Making Love With Living Dolls

As Anton LaVey predicted decades ago, many humans (especially our more lustful Satanic brethren) will be taking artificial companions as lovers. Well, according to think tank Pew Research Center’s newly released study, “AI, Robotics And The Future Of Jobs,” making love to our “Living Dolls” will happen by 2025. With the advent of teledonics and haptic technology already here, it’s no surprise that one expert said these new tech sexbots will know our every need. The field has even gotten it’s own moniker—“lovotics.” We like to call it satisfaction of good ol’ fashioned horniness…without the drama. —Hef With Horns

Modern-Day Mollycoddling, Godless Christians Thought Police, & Occult Knowledge

In the essay “Pervasive Pantywaistism” (The Satanic Scriptures), High Priest Peter H. Gilmore illustrates the Satanic spirit of intellectual rigor and self-assurance in the face of a sick culture that cares more about hurt feelings and keeping the sheep placid. The Satanist is aware that PC bellyaching can come from the godless just as likely as the ecclesiastic. We have an incoming generation drowning in its limp-wristed solipsism whose mantra is “This offends me, therefore it must offend everyone.”  Satanists cherish the works that inspire us, otherwise, we hit the “close” button and move on. Filtering out material that is useless is now a major task in […]