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Parent Outraged Over Devil’s Bus

Upon leaving Georgia, the Devil stopped in Tennessee. After his back-masked “toothbrushes are evil” message on the latest Charlie Daniels album he wanted something different. And so he decided to market his wares to schoolkids via brake light advertising. Were there only one complainant we could dismiss this story as a dispatch from Crazy Town. Alas, it appears many are debating whether or not this is an accident or a “subliminal pagan message.” (Wouldn’t that be “soap and gainful employment is evil?” I kid, I kid.) So we’re now looking once again at popular delusion and the madness of crowds.  […]

Issuing a Fatwa Against Extremism

Moderates of all faiths need to realize that the extremists among them are a cancer that needs to be cut out and removed.  And the best treatment for this cancer is ridicule.  Bravo to Mayor Aboutaleb. —Magister David Harris


Having made himself a pillar in the history of hardcore with BOYSETSFIRE, and pushed the boundaries with I AM HERESY, The Church of Satan’s own Nathan Gray enters a new era, with his first ever solo project. A dark symphony of ritual chamber melodies, his inaugural EP flows from primal to ethereal, and promises to be a delight for Epicurean ears. Fans of Rome, Portishead, Spiritual Front, Of The Wand And The Moon, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Dead Can Dance, Coil, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode just might find NTHN GRY to be right up their alley. As to be expected, […]