Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Having made himself a pillar in the history of hardcore with BOYSETSFIRE, and pushed the boundaries with I AM HERESY, The Church of Satan’s own Nathan Gray enters a new era, with his first ever solo project. A dark symphony of ritual chamber melodies, his inaugural EP flows from primal to ethereal, and promises to be a delight for Epicurean ears.

Fans of Rome, Portishead, Spiritual Front, Of The Wand And The Moon, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Dead Can Dance, Coil, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode just might find NTHN GRY to be right up their alley.

As to be expected, the buzz is humming all over the world, with hails from Germany, Serbia, and The U.S.. Initial reviews are calling the EP “a masterpiece”. 

The four song EP is being released worldwide today! You are invited to join the ritual, through the following link:

Connect with Nathan Gray for updates on the project, musings on Satanism, and all things Goat.