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Coffin Spell: Halloween III/Pumpkineater

Coffin Spell is proud to announce the completion of their upcoming full length album. Coffin Spell describes their sound as “Haunted House Rock N Roll” – a blend of punk and garage rock unique to them, taking cues from a long list of influences spanning several genres and decades. Each song is a haunting tale inspired by horror movies, books, and the terrors of real life contained in a short burst of power pop.

Right now you can download the free single “Halloween III / Pumpkineater” from the upcoming album. This is one track featuring rough mixes of two songs that will be on the completed full length that were originally put up for free download to promote their Halloween show.

Album title, artwork, release date, and preorder information will be announced shortly. Thanks for checking us out!

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—Sean David Stoltenburg