ERNTE: True Hellvetic Black Metal

ERNTE: True Hellvetic Black Metal by V. NOIR

True Hellvetic Black Metal

V. Noir: satanic 6 strings, bass, apocalyptic percussions and programming Witch N.: screams and chants from the depths of hell, bass, eerie bows

After almost 20 years of creating dark ambient music, photography, painting and graphic art, V. Noir decided that it was time to return to the roots: In 2020 his long-time passion for Black Metal found a form of expression in ERNTE where he is the main songwriter, guitar player and responsible for recording and programming. In Witch N. (vocals, bass, violin) he found an appropriate and experienced co-musician. She played bass and violin in the all-girl Doom Band shEver (2003 – 2012) before she started as front woman in the Swiss Black/Doom Band Ashtar (since 2013).

ERNTE is inspired by ancient spirits, cold and barren landscapes and brings you True Hellvetic Black Metal with a preference for Nordic melodies.