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Harry O. Morris: Artist’s Portfolio

An utterly exquisite compendium of the magical imagery of Harry O. Morris. This hardcover volume makes for a codex tenebrarum of Morris’ visionary surrealism, assembled in a handsomely wrought book. Aficionados of elegantly rendered surrealist vistas will treasure this comprehensive assembly of work by this major artist. 

Collected within are images wrought for our own publications GRUE, NARCOPOLIS, as well as THE BLACK FLAME, for which he crafted a haunting portrait of Anton Szandor LaVey. Morris will intrigue, disturb and beguile you with his powerful images.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

From the Amazon description: Harry O. Morris’s artwork has been legendary since the 1970s. He has illustrated more stories by horror authors Richard Matheson and Thomas Ligotti than any other artist, and his work helped to define the genre with his innovative use of collage and computer graphics. With a new preface by Richard Matheson and an introduction by Thomas Ligotti.