Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Here is brand new track from the forthcoming Gyps Fulvus release, The Lich, set to be released this Halloween. The Lich is a concept album about a man who dies, comes back as a Lich, and goes on an quest to find and get revenge on the person who betrayed him.

This track is the first part of a two part suite called “The Invasion.”  It’s about the main character, (having come to terms with the fact that he died and came back as a Lich) assembling an army of undead creatures and invading the town where he once lived in the middle of the night to find, capture, torture, and eventually kill the one who murdered him.

This first segment, “The Invasion I: Forming & Gathering”, is a haunting, gothic-tinged, symphonic piece, which will segue into the forthcoming second part, set to be in the Extreme Metal vein.

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