Jimmy Psycho: Listen...Scream...Shudder...Die...

JIMMY PSYCHO: Listen​.​.​.​Scream​.​.​.​Shudder​.​.​.​Die​.​.​.

Jimmy Psycho is thrilled to announce the release of “LISTEN…SCREAM…SHUDDER…DIE…”, a collection of previousy unreleased original songs from various horror and Halloween-themed projects. It includes eleven tracks consisting of the original songs interspersed with “haunted house” sound effects.

LISTEN…SCREAM…SHUDDER…DIE… is a spooky, fun departure from Psycho’s other projects including his long-standing “horror rawkillbilly band PSYCHO CHARGER and the wildly popular “spooky sci-fi punk rock” lounge sounds of THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT.

Psycho says, “This release really is a result of the pandemic era that we live in. I finally had time to go back and comb through all my old projects and realized that there was enough unreleased music from all these horror-themed projects I was fortunate enough to be invited to contribute to. A lot of these songs were vehicles used to collaborate with friends for their projects. Once I realized I had enough songs and that the music was pretty much done, I began to wonder how to package it all together…I always thought it would be fun to try to recreate the vibe of those old Halloween/Horror sound effects records from the 60’s & 70’s. With the music already in hand, along with that inspiration, it was off to the races to get this thing out by this Halloween!”

This music came about from compositions for independent films, burlesque shows, and a showcase for Moog, amongst other things. The collection showcases Psycho’s playing “The Haunted Organ” as well as his skills on the theremin. “The theremin is the most confounding instrument I’ve ever tried to play. I feel like I’ve never played it the same way twice!” Psycho’s good friend and collaborator Magus Peter H. Gilmore also appears on the release with a stirring recitation of “Hallowe’en in the Suburb”, a poem by H.P. Lovecraft. The two also collaborate on the song “Zann’s Reprise’, a song that was written in conjunction with the release of Gilmore’s short story of the same name, which just has been re-printed via Underworld Amusements.

“This is a really fun record, there’s something here for everyone. I’d like to think that this is something that people will listen to every Halloween, or it would be put in regular rotation if they celebrate the spooky season year-round.”

—Jimmy Psycho

Buy your copy now from Bandcamp: Listen​.​.​.​Scream​.​.​.​Shudder​.​.​.​Die​.​.​. by Jimmy Psycho