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Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #065 – Satanism vs. Humanism

A look at Satanism and humanism, their similarities and more importantly their differences. Though to do that, we’ll have to first unpack some bigger topics, such as what makes a religion a religion in the first place. Also, some listener mail about Satanists and social media, as well as Satanic baptisms.

The Metal Grotto with DJ Reverend Hell On Wheels

The Metal Grotto Episode 127 “Rev. HellOnWheels Satanniversary Special”

Here is wisdom, this show was recorded on the Sixth Day of the Sixth month of 2024 with just enough coffee for Rev. HellOnWheels to form coherent words. It’s that time of year when the adamantine gates flung wide; a day Rev. HellOnWheels never forgot. There will be no diamonds…well okay, King Diamond, but anyway. As of this recording, although not to the day, DJ Reverend HellOnWheels celebrates 12 years as a member of the Infernal Empire, with some mainstays mixed in with new discoveries. Only on Radio Free Satan! Stream The Metal Grotto  Episode #127. Download The Metal Grotto […]

Church of Satan Juneteenth Banner

Music to Celebrate Juneteenth!

Proclaimed an American national holiday three years ago, the Church of Satan celebrates independence, sovereignty, and emancipation from imposed servitude on this Juneteenth, 2024. Our unique banner design for this holiday, a variation rendered by myself, includes 19 vertices between the two stars, to mark the date, while the central star is inverted to symbolize our carnal philosophy, which has always championed liberty and individualism. Scott Joplin (1868-1917) was a great American composer who was deemed the “King of Ragtime.” With a thorough grounding in European art music, he considered ragtime to be a form of classical music, fitting for […]

Scott Cummings: Realm of Satan (2024)

REALM OF SATAN: Filmfest München

Scott Cummings’ film, REALM OF SATAN, has its German premiere in the CineREBELS section of Filmfest München: WED, 03. JULY – 10:00 PM (82 min)—CINEMA FILMTHEATER After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings THU, 04. JULY – 6:00 PM (82 min)—CITY 3 After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings SAT, 06. JULY – 9:00 PM (82 min)—CITY 3 After the film: Q&A with director Scott Cummings For more details, follow this link

The Metro: this week with Magister Gene

The Metro #730

This week on The Metro, Magister Gene steps in for Reverend Jeff Ivins to take you on your weekly time trip to the 1980s with The Bangles, Cyndi Lauper, Crosby Stills and Nash, Asia, Electric Light Orchestra, Dan Fogelberg, Will Powers, Paul Simon, The Catholic Girls, ABBA, Bonnie Tyler, Madonna, and finishing with Bananarama. Stream The Metro #730. Download The Metro #730.

Vox Satanae - Episode #577: 14th-20th Centuries

Vox Satanae – Episode #577: 14th-20th Centuries – Week of 2024 June 17

Vox Satanae – Episode #577 14th-20th Centuries 142 Minutes – Week of 2024 June 17 This week we hear anonymous works and works by Josquin des Prez, Claude Le Jeune, Francesco Cavalli, Evaristo Felice dall’Abaco, Domenico Cimarosa, Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński, Francesco Cilea, and Lorenzo Ferrero. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 577. Download Vox Satanae Episode 577.

The Metro presented by Reverend Jeff Ivins

The Metro #729

This week on The Metro, Rev. Jeff Ivins brings you the following bands for your weekly time trip to the 1980s: The Fixx, Ultravox, ThomasDolby, A Flock Of Seagulls, Berlin, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Alphaville, Naked Eyes, Men Without Hats, Icicle Works, Peter Gabriel, Kajagoogoo, Real Life, Gary Numan, and finishing off with M. Stream The Metro #729. Download The Metro #729.

ERNTE: Weltenzerstörer

ERNTE: Weltenzerstörer

Following the band’s previous two albums (Geist und Hexerei / Albsegen), Weltenzerstörer represents a further development of ERNTE‘s earlier work, emphasizing its melodic and atmospheric elements while remaining true to its black metal origins. Weltenzerstörer (worlds destroyer) doesn’t just mean the destruction of our earth—the plural, worlds, is a deliberate choice. The world of sick thoughts. The world of false feelings. The world of consumption, or the world of manipulation. The world of religions, which we all deeply despise. Weltenzerstörer is not a concept album, yet it can be said in general that the lyrics on the album embody a misanthropic […]

Morbid Anatomy: Into the Devil's Den and Back!

Online Class: INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN AND BACK: An Introduction to the History and Magical System of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan

Morbid Anatomy Presents: Beginning July 7, join us on a thought-provoking journey into the history, philosophy, and magic of Anton LaVey with Carl Abrahamsson, renowned Swedish author and Magister of the Church of Satan, who knew LaVey personally. Through informative presentations and interactive discussions, students will uncover the historical origins, theoretical foundations, and practical applications of LaVey’s Satanism. Explore his groundbreaking occultism, which celebrates creativity, passion, and authenticity, and learn how this influential and controversial figure continues to shape our understanding of the rebellious spirit in human culture. Four Week Class Taught Online Via Zoom Sunday, July 7 – July […]