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Why We Must Not Forget Past Orthodoxies

From The Cloven hoof, Volume VII, No. 3, May/June X A.S., ©1975 Statement of Policy  The Church of Satan has been receiving queries concerning its official position on the current public squabble about gun control. We consider gun control proposals to be a pious ploy for attention by those who either have no real conscience or are ignorant of the realities of the world in which they live. We stand firmly against gun control measures which would hinder responsible persons or deprive them of the right to defend themselves or their property. If you feel yourself swept up by the tide […]

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You may know Barbie Wilde as the female Cenobite in Clive Barker’s film Hellbound: Hellraiser II. In her first full length novel, The Venus Complex, Ms. Wilde takes us on a bobsled ride on a psychopath’s downward spiral of graphic horror and sexual depravity and proves that even though you’ve hit rock bottom there’s a whole lot lower that you can go. “One of the finest purveyors of erotically charged horror fiction around.” Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine

Part 2 of the INFONAUT documentary on the Church of Satan titled Satanism Exposed: 21st Century Satanists (Source:

Part 1 of the INFONAUT documentary on the Church of Satan titled Satanism Exposed: Atheist Radicals. (Source:

Introduction to the INFONAUT documentary on the Church of Satan  (Source:

Coop on ReasonTV discusses the contemporary business of art. (Source:

Exquisite Equinox!

The seasonal pivot point occurs today. We Satanists mark that change since we feel at one with the Earth and its cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring bursts forth, shattering the winter torpor as renewed life surges in triumphant burgeoning. In the Southern Hemisphere, the magic of Autumn casts its soothing spell after a raging Summer, presaging the coming harvest with all of its fertile abundance. We celebrate Nature as we are part of its boundless mysteries. Hail Satan! Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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By the hateful horns of Hell! The debut CD by William Wolfe’s Brimstone Fist, entitled Hellmetal, is unleashed upon the world. Despised by the prophets, cursed by the priests of Yahweh, Hellmetal is thirteen tracks of sonic Armageddon, oldschool metal in the tradition of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Venom, Possessed, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. To obtain your copy ofHellmetal and ensure your eternal damnation, purchase Hellmetal at select heavy metal CD shops or send $13 (includes worldwide postage) via PayPal to For more information, visit Brimstone Fist at Myspace, Reverb Nation and Facebook. Hail Satan! Hail metal! Hellmetal!!

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VASCA Radio – Episode 25Join VASCA Radio for the 25th anniversary show on Radio Free Satan.  Your hosts welcome the VASCA Agents and friends of the shows of past.  Many offer their thoughts and perspectives. Hosts Prometheus and Tier Instinct welcome Warlock Zoth Ommog to the VASCA Studio.  We discuss his work as senior Editor of Old Nick Magazine, Fangoria Magazine and his many contributions to Death Metal.  On we delve and ask the good Warlock about his newest band, Danse de Sade and air their powerful track, Bourbon & Serpents.  Our pranks of the week offer a grimacing smile […]

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Episode 2 – Hellraiser-OPOLY “We have such sights to show you!” This month’s episode of A Dangerous Meeting Podcast explores the depths of Hell from a Cenobite’s perspective as we play homebrew Hellraiser-OPOLY! Hang on to your souls as we visit the Cenobites (play as them) in Hell! Listen as the players battle for dominion in Hell as one of the infamous Cenobites from the Hellraiser mythos! Who will be next? Who will be our guest? Who will seize the Ninth Circle of Hell? Visit to listen in.

LaVey’s Five Point Plan Revisited

Magistra Blanche Barton has just released Issue #133 of The Cloven Hoof. In celebration, we have posted the editorial from that issue to whet your appetites. Follow this link to enjoy it. To order your complete issue, visit here.