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Now available from Dark Moon Press! The Ninth Gate Magazine 1-6 was a underground magazine for Goths, Satanists and horror fans.This publication is the entire series of collection with never before released issue seven in The Ninth Gate Magazine: Into the Inferno! At $29.99 (plus $5 s/h) it is half the total price of the originals. It features Satanists such as Magister Paradise, Marilyn Mansfield,  Reverend Shiva Rodriguez, Priestess Helena of Dark Candles, Storm at Art on You Studios, and a plethora of artists, musicians and articles appear in it. 300 pages and 8.5 x 11 inches! Please send payment via Paypal to:[email protected] or […]

More Video

We’ve added more videos to our YouTube channel and we have premiered a video on our Vimeo channel in which Magus Gilmore speaks about the 6-6-06 event. The video on Vimeo has been presented at a large image size even though the footage was rendered to SD. Please adjust your player accordingly.

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment

Visit the website for The Jimmy Psycho Experiment to hear a lounge version of “THE MUNSTER’S THEME” from the upcoming horror/tiki/lounge CD to be released later this year. 

Duo Drag Parody Videos!

Jackie Beat’s send-up of the folks who think Madonna’s Super Bowl show demonstrated her Infernal allegiance depicts Satanism as seen by the uninformed. Hilarity abounds! Watch Gimme All Your Blood. Magister Netherworld and Isis Vermouth wade into the stream of “Stupid Shit People Say” videos by capsulizing what happens when empty heads get “into the Goddess.” Much mockery to be enjoyed!  Watch Stupid Shit Witches Say. Stuffy occultniks, beware!

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The Equinox is Upon Us!

Today, March 20th, we mark the seasonal change—to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere—and so wish an “Exquisite Equinox!” to true Satanists the world over. Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Allow us to introduce you to the photographic art of Citizen Royce A. Davis. You are invited to bookmark and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sultry models, including Old Nick Chick Madison Avenue, as well as enjoy the pairing of imagery and print on Royce’s photography blog.

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kevinislaughter: Dr. LaVey stated “Satanism demands study, not worship!” An often overlooked source of secondary materials was provided by him in his magnum opus “The Compleat Witch, or, What to do When Virtue Fails”, subsequently republished as “The Satanic Witch” by Feral House.At the back of the book is what is titled a “Select Bibliography”, books that influenced his treatise on lesser magic that he wanted to specifically highlight. Ranging in topics from old Coney Island to mentalism, transvestism to color theories, this list of 170 books is a storehouse of Satanic thought. Though quite a few titles are available […]

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The new offering from Gyps Fulvus. Set to be released worldwide on Friday, April 13, 2012, Invocations is a deeper, darker journey into the dimensions of the mind.  It contains a dozen compositions, including a four part, 30 minute opus titled “Walpurgisnacht”. Invocations will be available on CD and Digital Download, sold through CDBaby, iTunes,, among other online outlets.  Album discounts and specials throughout the month of April will be announced on the Official Gyps Fulvus website. Sign up for the mailing list to directly receive exclusive news, information, and additional perks by sending an email to [email protected] Visit Gyps Fulvus on REVERBNATION to stream entire album tracks (from Invocations as well […]