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Valentin Schwarz has posted several new videos on his YouTube channel which we expect you’ll find to be both intriguing and disturbing. These are meant for adults only as some include nudity and graphic images of surgery on the living and dead.

21st Century Satan

ABC Radio National in Australia will be broadcasting this program, Saturday, 9 March at 5:05 pm, which includes interviews with members of the Church of Satan as well as our High Priest, Magus Gilmore.

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Nadramia, a scent named after our High Priestess, is the scent of the day at the Carnival Wax Store, featuring exquisite products crafted by Agatha Blois.

Nature provides awe, mystery and majesty aplenty. Better to understand such phenomena than consider them to be angry gestures made by mythical parental figures in the sky. (Source:

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A Fine Day to Celebrate Your Lust!

Whether you conjure the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, or find inspiration via the traditional date to share tokens of romantic love with those who have aroused your passions, may you have a lust-filled day (and musk-filled night) with your eager partners, you horny, life-loving devils! 

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MANINBLACK’s first performance outside of Manhattan!

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The final album by Warlock Tier Instinct for the “Tier Instinct” project… Death never sounded so elegant and fiendish! An instant, sardonic classic piece of ambient ritual and spoken word from the master himself! Take a peek into the dark heart of a Satanic Warlock’s most intimate thoughts… Special edition packaging limited to 666 hand-numbered copies! A video for the album can be viewed here.

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VASCA Radio – Episode 24 – Presents an episode to remember just before the #25 anniversary episode!  Warlock Tier Instinct chimes in on current events and tackles the strong issue of gun violence/control in the USA and abroad. Your hosts welcomes J.D. Bones as our guest/VASCA Agent and airs his track that is to be heard! Our Pranks delight as always and Citizen Prometheus brings you another excellent movie review. Tracks of the week include a sneak peak into the new album by Tier Instinct and the always powerful Jan Not Jackson. This is VASCA Radio!

Whose Will To Power is Morality? Part 3

James Stillwell’s video essay deals with both theist and atheist attempts at establishing the existence of some form of objective morality. Magus Gilmore’s musical piece “What Is Good?” serves as introduction.