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America’s Favorite Satanist

A short film by Vicki Marquette giving you a glimpse into the dark world of Magister Joe Netherworld of the Church of Satan.

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Joe Netherworld On Line

Magister Netherworld has launched his site which has both video media and gallery images that we think you’ll enjoy.

With captions translated into Spanish: Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter habló en la Universidad Wayne State en Detroit, MI, el 16 de noviembre de 2011. Fue un invitado de la Alianza de Estudiantes Seculares para su semana de eventos sobre la “separación de la Iglesia y el Estado” Este es un breve extracto de la conferencia completa que sera proximamente disponible en acual Kevin destaca entre las palabras “satanismo” y “satánicos”.Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter spoke at Wayne State University on November 16th, 2011 as a guest of the Secular Student Alliance for their “Separation of Church and State Week” events. This is […]

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Valentin Schwarz has issued a book of his images titled Perpetuum Mobile which show a Venus of Willendorf sort of figure wearing alien-esque S&M gear.  He is also creating dark-ambient music as well. Visit his site for more information.

Magus Gilmore on Interfaith Voices

Magus Gilmore was interviewed for a podcast released on the Interfaith Voices web site. You can listen to this as streaming audio or download the file. Gilmore’s interview begins at the 35 minute 31 second mark. This is the link:

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Welcome listeners to the newly upgraded Radio Free Satan! We have now moved over to the well established WordPress blog format, which allows for each show to be its own podcast and RSS feed. 

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30 Years Of Oi: Never Surrender, 40+ tracks by 40+ bands, includes music by Maninblack. European / International orders:  [original link] North American orders: Vinyl LP set: CD Digipak:

The Devil’s Ponies

Our Reverend Slaughter has crafted a most entertaining video inspired by a crackpot comment he received. It deftly captures the fevered madness that festers in quite a few mini-minds who are obsessed with occult conspiracies. View it here: