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THE 6th ANNUAL DRUID UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL HM157 3110 N Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90031 Sat Sept 1st 9pm $5 FREE Raffle! Prepare to be thrust into a forbidden world of avant-weird short subjects chock-full of hybrid-moments which recklessly skate through experimental, comedy and horror as The Druid Underground Film Festival rips back into Los Angeles! THIS WILL BE INSANE! Part 1 is a one-hour hell-ride mega-mash up of absurd footage sourced from VHS tapes of police self defense, Christian propaganda and “real" demonic possession! Part 2 is one hour of BRAND NEW shorts designated to BLOW YOUR MIND! Festival shirts/pins/DVDs available […]

Darren Deicide on “Rew and Who?”

Mark your calendar! August 29 I will be the live guest on “Rew and Who?”, the weekly internet show based out of New York City that profiles the best of underground New York culture. I will also be making some important announcements. What about?  You’ll have to tune in and see. On the show, I’ll be playing a couple songs and interviewed by underground mainstay Rew Asterik, and we’re conducting it at the new nucleus of New York rock n’ roll, Otto’s Shrunken Head.   If for some reason you cannot tune in, the show is archived at the “Rew and Who?” homepage. So bookmark the page now, and […]

Hellion Valedictorian?

Kaitlin Nootbaar earned her status as valedictorian with her perfect 4.0 average at Prague High School in Oklahoma. In her valedictory address, she apparently made a reference to one of the very popular “Twilight Saga” vampire films by using the word “hell” as a means for emphasis. By the printed accounts, the audience laughed, applauded her speech, and when she went to claim her hard-won diploma she was denied it. Apparently, in the copy of her text approved by school authorities, she used “heck” instead, but passion carried the moment when she declaimed her words. The school has not released […]

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Happy Birthday, H.P. Lovecraft! Today we remember the powerful work of that great author of weird tales who changed the genre through his focus on “cosmic horror.” To Lovecraft, the old monsters were quite tame, and as an atheist/materialist he conjured bleak visions of a universe in which mankind was an insignificant by-product of experiments by an alien species which settled Earth in aeons past. Here is a taste of his work from THE CALL OF CTHULHU, published in 1928 and made into a very evocative silent film directed by Andrew H. Lehman. “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is […]

Slaughtering Kittens?

Reverend Kevin Slaughter discusses Satanism with several atheists on The Stochastic Kitten. It is presented as: We Sold Our Souls for Episode 20!

Witch Marilyn Mansfield on Inside Edition

For those interested, I will be on the next Inside Edition which will air Monday. Here in NY it airs at noon on channel 5. You should check your local Fox listings if you would like to see it. This is a new segment, not the one from last year. They re-visited me now that I make dolls and this piece is just about my “horror” dolls and zombie babies. Enjoy! Witch Marilyn Mansfield

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Magister Netherworld hosts fun for adults!

Exit Vidal

Gore Vidal was a patrician and sardonic intellectual noted for his screenplays, novels and essays. He enjoyed witty public sparring with fellows such as Truman Capote, William F. Buckley Jr., and Norman Mailer at a time when such was valued by audiences. A noted secularist, he lambasted Christianity in Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal. His historical novels, referred to as the American Chronicles, were meticulously researched and brought the ideas and emotions of past times to vibrant life. Vidal cultivated a flamboyant aspect which he exercised in works such as the novel Myra Breckinridge and his […]

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