Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

We attended Cardone’s spook show “The House of Ghostly Haunts” and were pleased to be transported into a mysterious world of magic, ventriloquism, and ghostly apparitions. It is a classic performance which the whole family will enjoy and it is especially appropriate for the Halloween season. The grand finale takes place in utter darkness (to an organ score that will be familiar to many of our readers) wherein glowing monstrosities float over the heads of the audience while classic “analog” fright effects are employed. If you’ve read about Dr. LaVey’s participation in similar presentations and wished you could go back in time, then that desire will be satisfied by Cardone.

Audience members are summoned to assist and become part of the delightfully creepy illusions. And Cardone will also initiate you into a magical secret that goes back to the time of Houdini!

If you are near Manhattan, then we suggest you find the time to partake of this eerie evening of fun-fright as its like may not be found again. Cardone is a master, and he will thrill you from the stage as well as charm you in the lobby during the intermission with his exhibition of curiosities collected over many years as an aficionado of the outré.

The theatre is small and in an old and atmospheric area of Manhattan’s Canal Street, close to the Hudson River. The show is every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Don’t miss out! Click here to grab your tickets.