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Satanic Story Time presents episode 24 – “The Devil’s Workshop.” This segment of “The Devil’s Workshop” shares old time horror radio classic, “The Devil’s Workshop.” This episode was chosen to pay homage to the culmination of the brand new theme for Satanic Story Time coincidentally entitled, “The Devil’s Workshop.” Written by John Roeburt it first appeared on the Blue Network in 1949, starring Mason Adams as Tony Marillo and Joan Banks as Tina. The story begins where a creator of wax figures works in his laboratory that he created and coined, “The Devil’s Workshop”. According to our hero, he is doing well on money and has a girlfriend named Tina. We later find that Tony Marillo’s father, Caesar Marillo, was shot down by the police in a gun fight in the park. Tony Marillo begins to experience problems in his utopia when his “wax devil” comes up missing. At first he blames his girlfriend, Tina. She denies all of his accusations. He is later approached in the dead of night by an ominous, robed figure in black who claims that his face was disfigured by a bandit in the desert. The ominous figure orders Tony to make him a wax face in exchange for money, fame, and riches. But, this devil man begins by stealing away Tony’s girlfriend, Tina. Is it all a delusion? Or is Tony in an epic battle against the Prince of Darkness? Only you can decide the truth of this dark mystery entitled, “The Devil’s Workshop”!