Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Oklahoma Monument Proposal

When asked about our views regarding Satanic monuments, Magus Gilmore has explained why we are against such things, here and here.

When shown an image of a proposed monument intended to represent Satanism for a public space in Oklahoma, this is what Magus Gilmore had to say:

“The statue is crudely designed and ugly to me and seems pedophilic, since the caduceus between the goat’s legs is a phallic symbol. Having children reaching towards a being with an exposed symbolic penis seems to imply that Satanism represents the same situation which has plagued the Roman Catholic and other Christian churches for some time: child abuse. The image appears to show the goat’s left hand possibly caressing the male child. Revolting.

"The Church of Satan requires members to be legally adult and Satanist parents teach their children comparative religion and philosophy so that our children may decide which religion or philosophy would suit their own natures. We do not indoctrinate our offspring, or anyone else’s, and that statue could be seen as symbolic of indoctrination, which is manifestly counter to our philosophy.

"It occurs to me that the efforts by the perpetrators of this proposal may be intended as a means for making Satanism appear foolish and just as dysfunctional and irrational as we secularists view most other religions to be.”

Magus Peter H. Gilmore