Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet
On this thirteenth day in the thirteenth year…
Diary of A Satanic Warlock. The Blackthone Chronicles {V.1} comprises Draconian Pentagonal Devilution.
  • Dracumentary: Daemonic Metamorphosis from Infernal Progeny, The Dracling through infernal realization, the Satanic Panic hysteria, & beyond.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Experiences with Greater Magic, paranormal manifestations, diabolical rites, Curses, Lust Spells, Blessings from Hell. 
  • The Black Earth: Adventures, excursions, discoveries, celebrations, recommendations, nefarious events. The darker side of existence. {Includes the 666 High Mass, Halloween / Walpurgisnacht observances, graveyards, occult travels}.
  • Tales From The Shadow Side: Paranormal experiments & explorations into various urban legends & mysteries. 
  • The Black Dragon Speaks!: Interviews with various publications, institutions, notable individuals, web sources, radio, & broadcasts.

Along with this plethora of nefarious relations, The Blackthorne Chronicles includes evocative poetry, & previously unpublished photographs.