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Sayings of Ragnar Redbeard


bilingual edition (English / German) “Sayings of Ragnar Redbeard” has been
released by EDITION ESOTERICK PUBLISHING, who already published a German
edition of Redbeard’s infamous “Might is Right”. 

As he did before in “Might is
Right”, Ragnar Redbeard addresses in his “Sayings” those aspects of society,
which have controlled, lead and suppressed the people for ages: religion,
politics and the monetary system. His statements, his criticism and his
warnings are equally true today like they were in the end of the 19th
century. The major monotheistic religions (either directly or indirectly
through the media or science), their political agents and the masterminds of
high finance still influence and control the fate of the people and the world.

Whoever has eyes to see…

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